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Dear Guest,

On the following pages you will find – in alphabetical order – information about the hotel and its services, which will help you make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.


All rooms have an individual Air Conditioning and Heating system. Please make sure that your balcony doors are closed properly, otherwise the device will not work.


Occasionally we have live music performances or animation shows in our amphitheatre.


There is an Animation Team for the entertainment of our guests. You can find their detailed programme on the info board in the reception area and at the beach bar.


The Beach Bar is open from 08:30 to 00:30 o’clock and provides a great variety of refreshments, beverages and snacks, as well as a marvelous view to the sea.


In your room you will find the coloured towels for the use on the beach and pools. Due to hygienic reasons you are not allowed to use the white towels outside of your room. We kindly ask you to think first about the serious burden to the environment that is caused by the washing of the towels and we advise you to reuse the towels by drying them on the drying rack – not on the hand rail – of your balcony or veranda! Please address your chambermaid in case you need the towels to be changed.


There is a professional beach volleyball court free of charge next to the tennis court.


It is not allowed to use the bicycles in the whole area of the hotel except the parking area.


The hotel has a biological sewage system. Therefore we kindly ask you not flush any toilet paper down the toilet, but to throw it into the bin.


If you have any special wishes please inform the Maitre d’ Hotel or the Reception one day in advance.


Breakfast is served from 05:00 until 10:30 (American buffet from 07:30 until 10:30) in the main restaurant. 


The hotel bus takes you daily to the village of Neos Marmaras and on Fridays to Nikiti. Please make a reservation at the reception one day in advance.


A car rental company has an office one floor below the Reception. For any further information please contact the Reception.


You can buy cigarettes and tobacco goods in the hotel’s Mini Market.


We accept the major Credit Cards in all departments. 


The ORPHEAS Convention Centre is accessible through the long corridor (entrance opposite SPA). A total of 5 halls allow any configuration and have state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment.


You can exchange foreign currency daily at the front desk with the present-day rates. The commission is 3%. The nearest bank is in Neos Marmaras (7km).


The current is 220 VOLT. Please insert your keycard into the box for electricity.


Please, make the check out from your room on the day of your departure by 12:00. If you need a Day use, please contact the reception. The rate for a day use (subject to availability) until 18:00 o’clock is, depending on the season, from €50, -. to €150, -.


Dinner is served every evening from 19:00 until 22:00 in the main restaurant. Gentlemen are kindly requested to wear long trousers for dinner.


If you do not wish to be disturbed, please press “Do Not Disturb” sign with a simple touch on the panel located inside your room next to the door.


The hotel doctor has an examination room within the hotel. It is located one floor beneath the reception. The doctor has the visiting hours daily in the hotel and is available 24h per day upon request.


The hotel management kindly asks the gentlemen to wear long trousers in all closed areas

(restaurants and lounges) during and after the dinner time.


The children under 14 years old are not allowed to use the elevator without attendance. In case of an emergency, please do not panic, press the alarm button and the elevator will stop on the next floor. 


The main entrance of the hotel is via the reception lobby and it is not allowed for visitors to access the facilities without being accompanied by the hotel staff.


Please contact the front desk or read the info board about the excursions.


The hotel is fully equipped and prepared to deal with emergencies. Please ensure that you consult the fire notices in your bedroom which inform you about the emergency procedures. Never use the elevators in the case of fire.


In case of an emergency please contact the front desk or dial (0). On the beach and at the swimming pools there are the Hotel Lifeguards available.


You can order flowers at the reception desk. Delivery takes one day.


The hotel applies the HACCP system for food safety and hygiene assurance. 

It is not allowed to consume in the rooms any food or beverages brought from outside the hotel.


There is a room with gym equipment located above the SPA and is open daily from 08:00 to 20:00. Please follow the directions on the signs within the premises. The use of the gym is free of charge. For the children under 16 years old the entrance and the use of GYM is not allowed.


Internet access is available everywhere in the hotel via WIFI / WLAN and in most rooms also via LAN (with cable). Just scan your computer or smart phone for ANTHEMUS HOT SPOT in order to connect to our network; this service is free of charge. Please note that the IP and DNS have to be obtained automatically. In the reception area we also have an internet corner with 2 computers which can be used free of charge.


For the safety reasons it is not allowed to use the inflatable mattresses in the swimming pools, only in the sea.


Please fill in the laundry form, which is enclosed and put the clothes with the form into the special paper bag provided.  Give it for washing by 09:30 in the morning in order to have it ready on the same day. Otherwise it takes 1 day. 


If you have lost something, please contact the front desk. The hotel takes no responsibility for missing valuables from the rooms or its public areas.


Lunch is served in our A la Carte tavern “Gialos” on the beach.


The main bar is located in the reception building. It serves all kinds of beverages and selected cocktails as well as the specialties from a la carte menu ιn an elegant atmosphere accompanied by live piano music. Opening hours: 18:00 - 01:00. The Roof-Garden Restaurant is accessible through the Main Bar. Visitors, who are not guests of the hotel, are not allowed to stay and have drinks at the bars.


Any messages you receive will be sent to your room.


The Mini Club is right behind the children’s playground. For several hours in the morning and in the afternoon, our trained animators keep the children busy with handcrafting, painting and other entertainment. You can find more information at the info board in the reception lobby or beach bar.


The Mini Market is right next to the amphitheatre and offers a great selection of gifts and souvenirs, books, newspapers and magazines, games, tobacco goods and liqueur. The consumption of food and beverages, bought in the Mini Market or ordered by the room service, is allowed in your room only.  


You may park your car on the parking lot. Please ensure that you do not obstruct anybody and leave enough space for the buses to turn. Keep your car always locked and do not leave any valuable things in it. The hotel takes no responsibility for any damages and losses.


It is not allowed to keep pets of any size in the whole area of the hotel.


If you receive any mail, it will be sent to your room. If you want to send a letter or a card you can buy stamps and post cards in the mini market and post your mail at the reception.


Please fill in the questionnaire and drop it into the questionnaire box at the front desk upon your departure. Your comments and suggestions will help us improve our services.


In case of any need for the repairs in your room, please contact the front desk (0). Any damage is fixed within the same day. We appreciate your understanding if for any extraordinary technical problems there might be a delay in the repair.


Every room is equipped with a small refrigerator and its usage is free of charge.


Room Service is available from 08:30 until 23:00. Please dial 846 or 801 for orders. 


The use of the safety deposit box in your room is free of charge. Please place your key card on the sensor in order to use the safe.


To make your stay more comfortable you will find a shopping center close to the Mini Club with 5 shops: a clothes boutique for men and women, a photo- equipment shop, a shop with summer and seasonal products as well as the optical and jewelry shop.


Smoking is forbidden in all closed areas.


The LOTUS Oriental SPA & Health Club is accessible through the large corridor. It offers among other things: heated indoor pool, hydrotherapy cave, sauna, steam bath, Rassoul, relax zone and several treatment rooms. The operating hours are daily from 8:00 to 20:00. Please contact our SPA manager (860) for any further information and appointments.  The access and use of the Spa area is not allowed for the guests who have consummated even a minimum quantity of alcohol.  The children under 16 years old are not allowed in the Spa area, except in the indoor pool at specific hours and always accompanied by an adult.


Sun beds and umbrellas on the beach and in the pool area are free of charge. Please, do not occupy the sun beds on the beach and on the swimming pools with your towels and personal items before 08:00, otherwise they will be collected by our staff and stored at the beach bar.


All fresh water pools are filtered, ozone cleaned and the water is changed permanently. It is not allowed to use the pools from 19:00 until 10:00 o’clock. You are advised to use the pools only during the shift of our lifeguards. Never leave your children to swim unattended. Diving is prohibited. Visitors, who are not guests of the hotel, are not allowed to use the pool facilities. The outdoor pool and children's pool at the beach bar are heated in the months of April, May, September and October.


You can order a taxi at the front desk


The Hotel’s phone number is: +30-23750-72001 – Fax number: +30-23750-72202. Please dial 9 to get an outside line, 0 for the front desk and the room number for calls to another room. 


Every room is equipped with a TV. Please set the TV volume on the level that does not disturb the guests in the surrounding rooms.


You will find our tennis court next to the parking lot. Please contact the reception (0) for reservations. The use is free of charge.


Please take care not to disturb anybody during the general resting hours which are from 15:00 to 17:00 and from 24:00 to 07:00 o’clock.


Can you imagine how many towels are unnecessarily washed every day and the great amount of washing powder needed which thereby pollutes our water? Please decide: towels thrown into the bath tub means: “PLEASE CHANGE”. Towels hung on the towel rail means: “I’LL USE IT AGAIN – FOR THE SAKE OF OUR ENVIRONMENT”. Please notice that it is not allowed to use these towels outside of your room. The guests will be charged for any damage or loss of the towels.


Please contact the front desk (dial 800) if you need a wakeup call.


Although the water from the tap is drinkable we advise you to drink only bottled water.


In the beginning and at the end of the season it is possible that there is a change in the above timetables due to weather conditions.


Anthemus Sea Beach Hotel & Spa

Nikiti, Halkidiki (Elia Beach)

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